Clean Chemistry Technology Ltd.
Clean Chemistry Technology Ltd. provides advance pyridine and derivatives technology to selected clients in the Asia markets.

Our team of engineers are active in the pyridine sector as well as active in the university arena and many years of experience in engineering design, plant operation as well as research and development sector. 

Our projects included engineering design service start from scratch, upgrade and re-engineer existing production line, auditing of plants to identify engineering shifts and provide solutions for plant optimization.

We believe in providing the best technology means the best suitable for the users' need and limitation, and work within the requirements of the environmental regulations from the start.

Clean Chemistry Technology (CCT) has been a major player in supplying Pyridine / Beta Picoline technology to China.  With the changing agricultural product needs, the demand for pyridine as a major raw material for paraquat has declined with the ban of paraquat usage, however, the demand of the by-product beta picoline is steadily increasing and the price has increase due to limited supply. CCT has offer the technology which flips the major production product to Beta Picoline versus pyridine, with the new ratio is 8:1 Beta Picoline to Pyridine, which will bring a major change in the present supply situation.


CCT’s experience in designing with a green field and provide direct assistance to clients in managing successful start-up of a brand new facility, as well as CCT’s experience in modifying an existing facility to operate under more favorable and environmental conditions, has allowed the chemical companies in China to adapt to the tighter environmental regulations and rapid changes in the markets.


CCT also has technology for alpha/gamma picoline, 2-vinylpyridine and other pyridine and picoline derivatives. 
Latest News

With the changing agricultural product needs, pyridine which has been the major product has been related to a by-product status with the decrease in the paraquat market.  CCT has technology which flips the major production product to Beta Picoline versus pyridine.  The new ratio is 8:1 Beta Picoline to Pyridine.

CCT can either design and manage through successful start-up of a new facility or modify an existing pyridine plant to operate under the new more favorable reaction conditions.

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